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M16, Eagle Nebula

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Stellar winds of a major cluster of young stars sweep the layer of dust and molecular gas that surrounds it. Astronomers to see this nebula as a whole christened as Eagle for its resemblance to this bird, but nobody has said anything about gas formation combined with dust that seems to form another eagle profile even more defined.
Pareidolia apart in that window are some pillars of dust and molecular gas that are currently manger of several protostars soon shine with light.
Eagle Nebula has a size of about 20 light-years across and is located about 6500 light years away.
This image did with the narrow band filters, with the Epsilon 180ED telescope working with a 2X extender Canon focal to reach 1000mm focal length at f/5.6 and the camera QSI540 system that allowed me to extend the focal length of this telescope in a fairly simple, because I used the Canon extender, which is commonly used to double the focal length telephoto lenses of this prestigious brand of cameras.

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